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Forgive the title, I couldn’t help myself.

We had a big tin of olive oil, and when we reached the end of it, there was some gritty stuff in it that made me hesitant to use the rest of it for cooking.  So (after something of a delay), I said that we could make use of the oil by making an olive oil lamp.  First I looked at a post on Down to Earth blog about how to make an oil lamp in a jar.  That wasn’t quite what I wanted, so I also looked in Kelly Coyne and Erik Knutzen’s awesome book, Making It: Radical Home Ec for a Post-Consumer World.  The first project in that book is how to make olive oil lamps, either with a shell or dish, or with an old candy tin.  Lacking a candy tin, I used an empty tin of Burt’s Bees hand salve.  I used some ordinary dishcloth cotton yarn (Peaches and Creme, maybe) for the wick, and the icky old oil for the fuel.  Tada!

My salve tin lamp