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…the fact that the sun is setting later and later, while rising earlier and earlier.  We made it through the dark times again!

…what a good team my wife and I make.  I don’t mind filling out mindless paperwork, but she has to clear the table, bring me the forms, and be nice to me.

…dog sitting for a sweet little dog.

…the prospect of helping a new friend bring a new pony into her life this Friday.

…the prospect of date night tomorrow.

…good friends (you know who you are.)

…the new name for our “farm” that Weez and I are both excited about: Coyote Crow Farm.  More on that later.

…playing the violin again after many years away, but this time without the perfectionism (well, less of it, anyway.)

What are you loving today?  You can answer in the comments, on the left.