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Jenna at Cold Antler Farm posted on her blog yesterday about following your dream.  At the end of her post, she asked readers to mention their own dreams in the comments.  I wanted to share here what I ended up writing there.

I want to do work that I love.  Right now, I think that will probably be something to do with making and selling something from home, rather than working for someone else.  My current job is just a job, but the salary and benefits are very necessary for us right now.  I want enough land for us to be out of sight from the neighbors.  I want a garden and an orchard, chickens.  I want a home where the dogs can run outside and not be hit by a car.  I want a sauna with a wood-burning stove.  I want to spend my time making things instead of emailing about nothings.  I want to be a healer of some kind.  I want to be happy and healthy.  I want to enjoy my wonderful wife’s company every day.

As she says, there is power in putting ideas into words.  Go, read other people’s dreams.  I challenge you to share your own dreams, either in her comments or in mine.