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Okay, I read in Jenna‘s book, Chick Days, that chickens like it when you sing to them.  Tilda, one of the three main chicken characters in the book, would fall asleep whenever they sang to her.  So I decided to give it a try.  I sang “Cluck Old Hen,” an old-timey song Jenna includes in the book.  (I didn’t have banjo accompaniment like this guy.  Not the best video, but one of the only ones on YouTube where it’s sung, not just instrumental.)  I sang it three or four times, because I couldn’t believe it.  All the chicks lay down and fell asleep.  They think the chorus is especially soothing.

(Here is another version, of Julie Duggan playing the song on her clawhammer banjo at Jenna’s mountain music workshop Weez and I attended.  You can see us briefly as the camera pans the room.)

I sang the chicks to sleep.  Whoa.