I stepped in for my wife over at her blog tonight. Go check it out!


Hello, this is Elizabeth, guest blogging for my darling wife.

Weez is three days into her new “adventure” job.  She sounds like she’s having a great time.  She likes her coworkers, the commute is much better than we anticipated, and my parents seem to be enjoying the company of both her and Frankie.  As we all could have guessed, she’s fairly exhausted, so passed along the blogging responsibility to me, at least for tonight. 

Highlights from today: no one tried to beat her up at work today!  Apparently, her famous charm hasn’t had time to work its magic on all her new patients yet–one of them was a bit belligerent yesterday, from what I hear.  Also, Weez enjoyed a lovely date night with my parents at a Thai restaurant (it is Wednesday, after all.) 

All in all, my darling wife is doing very well, making friends, enjoying her colleagues, and…

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