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It’s been a busy last few days around here.  Due to some icky circumstances, I ended up with an infection in one of my toes.  I ignored it on Saturday so that I could hobble around on Jenna’s farm on Saturday to “help” shear the sheep.  Even though the sheep shearing wasn’t entirely the success Jenna was hoping for, we also got to see Jenna and Jasper (her Amish draft pony) haul about half a cord of wood from the back pasture to her wood splitting pile. Then, most exciting of all, I (and the others) got to help milk Bonita, her goat.  Amazingly, I remembered the knack of it.  I learned at summer camp when I was probably about 9 years old.  I mean, I probably had one short lesson on how to milk a cow.  For some reason, the knack of it has stayed with me for the last 26 years despite never having milked a cow or a goat in the meantime.  But I knew exactly the feel, the motion, the smell, and I loved it. I also got to meet a really great woman named Kathy, whose three sons were helping (to varying degrees, according to age) with hauling wood.

I paid for my fun that night and the following morning, since my infected toe got more and more swollen.  Yesterday, when I realized that I really couldn’t ignore it anymore, my angelic friend Mari brought me to the emergency room to have it looked at.  They did stuff that involved IV antibiotics and sent me home with a toe that felt much better, and prescriptions for two different hard core antibiotics.  Lucky me.  But I do feel much better today.

So, on the docket for today: cleaning out the brooder/bathtub, helping stain and work on the chicken coop, gather dandelions, general house stuff that needs to be done.  Stay tuned for some updated chicken pictures.  I’ll take the pics once the brooder is nice and clean with new bedding laid down.  You’re welcome.