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Our Zelda has been extra weird and sketchy lately.  She hates it when Mama Weez is away.  This is her, on her favorite pillow under the piano, looking sketchy.  She really likes looking at the chickens, and not in a “ooh, food!” kind of way.  Tanner tends to hide upstairs, and won’t go into the bathroom (for fear of being forced to take a bath), so I’m not sure how he feels about them.  I’ll have to introduce them to him fairly soon.


The chickens are looking like weird big sparrows.  The new favorite perch is on top of the waterer.  Unfortunately, that positions their chicken butts directly above… their drinking water.  I leave you to extrapolate the result.  I clean out their water, I give it back to them, and five minutes later, one of the lovelies has… soiled it again.  Yuck.  I may need to come up with some kind of anti-perch implement on top of the waterers to discourage the yuckiness.  And maybe give them some more alternate perches.  Hmmm…  a project.


Here is a truly awful picture of the seed potatoes that arrived yesterday from Moose Tubers!  In the insanity of February garden planning, I ordered 8.5 pounds of seed potatoes, total, in four varieties.  What, you can’t read the labels in the picture?  Why, it clearly says, “Augusta OG,” “Kennebec OG,” “Dark Red Norland OG,” and “Austrian Crescent OG.”  (OG, meaning organic.)  The plan is to install about 10-12 (can’t remember how many) enormous potato grow bags in the driveway, buy a few cubic yards of compost and soil (hence the need for the truck), and plant a potato crop in the sunniest part of the property… the driveway.  The tomatoes will be similarly situated, and I’m strongly considering companion planting carrots in the tomato bags.  Because Carrots Love Tomatoes, right?