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"What kind of chicken are YOU?"

Weez left a little while ago, so the house feels quiet and empty with her and Frankie gone.  So, I went and sat with the chicks for a little while.  I’ve started sitting on the floor next to the brooder/tub, with my hand either in their with them, or resting along the edge of the tub.  I was in the latter position when all of a sudden one of the Rhode Island Reds hopped from the perch right onto my hand.  That was the first time one of the chicks actually chose my company rather than squawking frantically to be let go, so it gave me hope for a good relationship in the future.

So far, we’ve only assigned a few of the names we’ve chosen.  Captain/Janeway was the first to be named, on the day that we brought them all home, because of her leadership qualities.  The problem with naming the others is that it is really really difficult to tell them apart from their breed-mates.  Now that I can finally sort of tell the Reds apart, I was able to dub my new friend Amelia.  Amelia the Brave is the Red with the lightest color beak.  The chick in the picture above is actually not the same one I’m talking about.  I think Amelia might be the one in the background to the right of the star of the photo.  But I liked this picture because it really shows the attitude.

Back to names.  The other Brahma (I’ve been calling her Not-Captain, but it’s not a great name) is either going to be Obadiah or Uhura.  Yes, I know Obadiah is traditionally a man’s name.  Your point is…?  The Wyandottes are all equally determined never to let me anywhere near them, so it’s hard to get to know them personally.  As for Not-Amelia #1 and Not-Amelia #2 (the other R. I. Reds), hopefully I’ll get better at seeing the difference between the two of them, too.  Names yet to be doled out: T’Pol, Seven of Nine, and one or two others yet to be determined.  You may have noticed a striking theme in the names.  Four of them are names of strong women from the various Star Trek series’.  My wife is a big fan, and she recently started trying to convince me that our next dog (not for a long time yet, please?) should be named Seven of Nine.  Seven of Nine.  Yes, you heard me.  Absolutely not, I said.  No, I said.  Because, I said.  Because it’s not a decent name for a dog, I said.

However, when we decided on chickens, I said Weez could have total freedom to name half of them, and I would name the others.  The only name I’ve chosen so far that is a definite is Amelia.  Obadiah comes from a friend who wants a chicken but cannot have one, so is god-mother of sorts to one of ours.

Do you have any good ideas for names of hens?  Share in the comments.