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So, two new fun games I’m playing with the chicks.  I needed some cheerfulness, so I went and sat by the brooder/tub for a while.  Amelia has decided that this is her signal to hop up on my hand, which she did several times.  Every time I put her down, she would just come right back.  At one point I managed to coax Captain onto the other hand, so I had Amelia on one hand and Captain on the other.  If only I had a camera attached to my head, that would have been a great picture for this post.  They’re very sweet.  The Wyandottes still think I’m the devil.  We’ll get there eventually.  Not-Captain, hereafter to be known as Uhura, was okay with being held, and the Not-Amelias #1 and #2 also seem okay with it.

Then I brought out the freeze-dried mealworms.  (Never would I have thought to be purchasing, using, or writing about freeze-dried mealworms, but life takes you in surprising places.)  I’ve been waiting until I thought the girls were big enough to handle the mealworms, and I decided they could have a few tonight.  At first I just threw a bunch down in the brooder, but the girls didn’t really get the significance.  So I picked up one at a time and tossed them.  A little more interest.  Finally someone got the idea, grabbed a worm, and started squawking and running around the bathtub.  That is when the fun started.  Whoever had a mealworm would run and yell, and everyone else ran after her and tried to get it.  I started handing out mealworms like candy at Halloween (doesn’t that make you want to come trick-or-treating at OUR house, huh?), and eventually we had mealworm-frenzy chicken bumper cars.  It was wonderful.

And people wonder why I don’t watch more tv.