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I think I’m getting closer to narrowing down the names for each of our girls.  We’ve got 4 that I recognize easily–Amelia, Captain Janeway, T’Pol, and Uhura.  That leaves 7 of 9 (another Star Trek reference), Obadiah, and two unnamed girls.  Amelia is a Rhode Island Red, Captain is a Brahma, T’Pol is the Wyandotte with the single comb, and Uhura is the Brahma who isn’t Captain.  So we have two Rhode Island Reds and two Wyandottes, and I can’t distinguish between the two in each pair.  So I’m thinking that the R.I. Reds will be Mary and Martha and the two Wyandottes will be Obadiah and 7 of 9.

So, to illustrate, I will introduce them to you by photo.  These are photos from a week ago, so they look pretty different now, but I’m disorganized, so deal with it.

Meet Mary/Martha:

Say hi to Obadiah/7 of 9:

That’s Uhura on the right, peering around the feeder.

They both look kind of mad–probably because I can’t tell them apart.  Chicken psychology, it’s a mystery.