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Well, I was going to post a “chicken round-up” with pictures of the girls and the progress on the coop yesterday.  But I didn’t.  Instead, I did the following: helped put the door on the coop, made a last-minute run to the local hardware store for some more stain for the siding on the henhouse, discussed the next stages of the building project with our buddy Steve, cleaned out the kitty litter boxes, put out the trash, fed and watered all eight TWELVE of my animals, managed to actually cook myself a (not-at-all healthy) dinner, have a nice 45-minute conversation with my wife, and get to bed at a reasonable hour.  No chance of getting to knitting group, sorry, my friends…

So, I’m hoping to get a chance to do the chicken status report today.  But of course, it’s raining and gloomy, so taking pictures won’t work out very well.

On another note, I am really proud of my wife for making the transition in the course of a week from a job on the north shore of Boston to a different job on the south shore.  The perils of being a traveler, I guess, is the potential for rapid changes with no warning.  Go click on Bad Cookies for Weez in the sidebar to hear her part of the story.  (My ability to create a link is not working, for some reason.)  She has managed to keep her sanity in a situation that would have sent me right over the edge, I guarantee.

Here’s the chicken coop last week (can’t leave without giving you at least some kind of picture, right?):