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My poor wife has had a rough day.  I think she’s probably going to post about it tonight, but let me just say that it involved having her car towed in a town she knows nothing about.  Tomorrow she will be renting a car in order to get to her third day on the new job.  There is a certain AAA tow-truck driver who earned major karma points tonight, for which I am grateful.  She will manage it all with grace and humor, because that is who she is.  Thank goodness she’ll be back living with my parents as of this coming Saturday.  She is not a person who should have to live in a hotel by herself with no dog.

While all this was going on, I was enjoying myself at our local Date Night hangout.  I decided to go ahead and do date night without her.  I had a good time, but when I got home and heard the story, I felt a bit bad about it.  Oh well, the previous three weeks, she went out to dinner with my parents on date night while I stayed home alone, so I suppose it’s all part of this crazy travel job adventure we’re on.

Check out Weez’s story later on tonight at her blog, Bad Cookies for Weez.

UPDATE as of 5/3: Well, it looks like Weez wasn’t up to posting about her day last night.  She is fine, the car problem most likely is an easy and inexpensive fix, and when I spoke to her this morning she was in a good mood, all things considered.  I’m sure she’ll tell the story in the next day or two.