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Goal: to trade in the license plates in order to have car inspected

Attempt #1: At the RMV parking lot.  I used my handy carry-it-everywhere Leatherman and removed the front license plate.  “Easy peasy!” I thought.  I’ll pop the other one off and away we go.  Unfortunately, the bolts on the rear license plate are rusted and stuck.  Darnit, I knew I should have brought some WD-40.

Attempt #2: No problem, I can still solve this.  Drive over to my beloved local hardware store, ask for advice on what substance would be best for getting stuck bolts to budge, and buy the suggested substance.  “I’m so clever,” I thought.  “I’m going to spray this stuff on the bolts right away so that it will have a chance to sink in and loosen the bolts while I drive back to the RMV.”  Back in the RMV parking lot, I pull out my trusty multitool and…. the bolts are still stuck.  Bad words.  Time’s up, I’ll have to go back to work and try this again later.  With dynamite if necessary.  Just kidding.

Stay tuned for the continuing story!