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The chickens are outside in the hen-house overnight for the first time tonight.  I sat in the coop with them at sunset, listening to them all yelling their heads off.  I realized they had no idea what to do, and when I started to gather them up, they all made a beeline for the rabbit cage in which I always carry them in and out of house.  One by one I caught them and shoved them (oh so gently) into their enclosed elevated hen-house.  They didn’t seem very happy about it, but they’re chickens, and probably don’t have the capacity to understand change as anything other than a threat.  I checked on them a few minutes ago (sunset was about half an hour ago) and they were all huddled in the corner.  I’m tempted to set my alarm for midnight to go out and check on them.  My wife tells me not to worry, they’ll be fine.

May the Mother of All hold her wings over them this night.