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To welcome me home, the girls arranged some excitement.  I have developed the habit of sitting on an upturned five-gallon bucket in the coop just before sunset.  While I was sitting there tonight, Uhura hopped up on my lap.  Then Captain.  Then Amelia.  Then Captain flew up to my shoulder.  Then Martha hopped up on my lap.  Yes, that’s right, I had a total of four chickens perching on me.  Exciting!  No, seriously, I mean that.

Anyhoo, when I decided to leave, as I picked up my bucket and opened the door, Uhura managed to dash out in front of me.  While the dogs were in the yard. Yikes!  Yowzers!  So, first thing was to get the dogs out of the picture before they figured out it was open season on chickens.  I’m smarter than the dogs, so I managed that handily.  (Yes, I am, shut up.)  Then I addressed Uhura.  She had gotten around to the opposite side of the coop from where the door is, and was starting to get very distressed that there was a horrible fence between her and her sisters.  So I slowly approached, talking quietly, telling her that I would like to help her return to her sisters.  She was dashing back and forth, but I managed to grab her by one leg as she tried to zip around the corner.  Success!  Of course, she starting shrieking, since she’s a chicken, and especially since she’s our Uhura (very communicative).  I put her back with her peeps.  (Sorry, sorry.)

I’m waiting to see whether they’ll put themselves to bed or not.  The sun sets in about 2 minutes, so I’ll wait a few and then go out there to make sure they’re up in the roost.

UPDATE, five minutes later: No, the silly things were all huddled together in the corner of the run.  I had to catch them all, one by one, and shove them into their bedroom.  If I hadn’t closed the door in between, they would have all run down the ramp to hang out on the ground again.  Silly chickens.