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(My apologies to those who already read a version of this on Facebook last night.)

Tuesday evening, approx 8:30pm:  I’m starting to get tired of chasing the chickens around the coop at night because they’re too stupid to realize they should go into their safe, comfy, warm roost area to sleep.  The mammals aren’t even all in for the night, Maeve is being stubborn.

8:35pm: Okay, I’m an idiot. Maeve refused to come inside a few minutes ago, because she was fixated on the weeds by the fence. Fine, be that way. Now, she taps the door to come in, and I completely didn’t notice that she had a not-quite-yet-dead mouse in her mouth. Apparently it’s more fun to hunt in a warm, dry environment. So, I’m trying to ignore the fact that the two cats are now doing what cats do, in my kitchen. I’ll be really pissed if they lose that mouse.

8:37pm: I’ve got three frigging hunters in this house, and they’re all acting bored and annoyed because the mouse isn’t lively enough. Somebody better kill that damn mouse or there won’t be any kibbles tomorrow.

8:39pm: Okay, Tanner just walked upstairs with his mouth full and a little tail hanging out from one side. I better not find a mouse, dead or alive, on my bed. Just sayin’.

8:40pm: Not dead yet, I just heard some ruckus in the bedroom.

8:42pm: I just carried both cats upstairs, threw them in the bedroom with Tanner and the mouse, and slammed the door. Maybe I’ll just sleep on the couch while the hunters earn their keep.

8:48pm: Tanner is my hero. Now I can go to sleep unworried. When I checked on them, he was on his pillow, guarding the very dead but not yet eaten mouse.  I traded a bunch of dog treats for the mouse, which has now vacated the premises.  Mission accomplished.