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Faulty thinking: A big scary thunderstorm is coming.  This would be a great time to let the chickens out, then put Tanner on a leash and see how he does in the yard with them.  Wow, he’s doing really well.  Hm, the thunder is getting louder – I should put Tanner in the house so the chickens can roam freely.

Corrected thinking: You know, the chickens might be in danger if it hails.  They might not be smart enough to take cover.  Okay, I’ll put them back in the coop.

Over-confident thinking: Wow, I totally rocked that.  I got all the chickens in the coop so easily!

Reality starts to impinge: Oh no, one of the chickens is outside the coop and doesn’t like being separated from her sisters.  I’ll just grab her and put her back.

True awareness of situation: I’m chasing a chicken around and around and around and around and around the chicken coop.  Bad words.

Final result: Phew!  All the chickens are safe, I think.  Oh, maybe I should have counted them…