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Today is the longest day of the year, the summer solstice.  A time for rededication and rejoicing.  I got up to watch the sunrise and gather a few herbs, still wet with dew–rose, yarrow, lavender, elderflower, sage, lemon balm–whatever felt right to me.

Tonight I will light a small bonfire in the yard, a way of being grateful for this longest day by trying to extend it just a bit.  This Saturday in Finland, everyone will be lighting the Juhannus kokko, a bonfire.

As in much of Europe the pagan solstice celebration was combined into the Christian Feast of Saint John the Baptist.  In Sweden and in some parts of Finland there will be dancing around midsummer poles (we Americans think of them as Maypoles, but in Scandinavia, May is still too early in the year for the abundance of flowers and greenery.)

I wish you a joyous day, in whatever way you wish to celebrate this longest span of sun and light.  Blessed be.