Some people live their lives on a tightrope.  Some keep their hand on the railing of the sidewalk.  The ones on the tightrope risk a fall to the death with every step, but they also get the promise of greatness.  The possibility of astonishing feats of bravery, of brazenness.  Those on the ground, inching along the safe path, they may have some advantage in terms of reliability or safety.  But there is zero chance of greatness in them.  They may go far.  They may reach their goals.  But they will never thrill a crowd of onlookers.  They will never defy fate, they will never accomplish the impossible.

Here’s the thing.  Both paths can be courageous.  Each soul has its own boundaries of fear, of bravery, of accomplishment.  But one is the stuff of legend and inspiration, the other the stuff of the mundane.  The world needs both.

There are many who will chastise the tightrope walker.  She isn’t safe! She isn’t logical!  But she is thrilling to watch.  She is an inspiration to the crawlers.  Her life is a gift to the world.  Her courage and her strength are a beacon of light.

If I were a writer, I would proclaim this to the hills.  If I were a tightrope walker, everyone would hear my words.  I am a sidewalk being.  I may go far, but you have to be paying close attention to notice.  I don’t get heckled, and I won’t thrill the masses.  But I wouldn’t have the heart to do most of what I do if it were not for the tightrope walkers who inspire me.

You are a gift to the world.  So am I.  Blessed be.