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Last night we had the house blessing for our new house.  It just ended up being four of us… Weez and I, along with 2 old friends.  And it was perfect.  We ate, drank a little wine, then spoke words of invocation and blessing for the life we are building in this place.  We walked through the house, smudging all the corners with sage to bless it and cleanse it and bring good fresh upwelling energy throughout.  Then we sat together, drank a little more wine, and spoke words of friendship and laughter and gratitude for what we share.

The house feels good this morning.  Really good.  This afternoon, a deluge (large or small, not sure!) of friends will start flowing through.  We’re not done unpacking, we haven’t hung all the pictures, or put away all the dishes, or figured out where everything should go in the kitchen.  But we have claimed our space and are filling it with love.

Thank you, and blessed be.